Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Rod & Melanie

Rod & Melanie

From: Missouri

Married on: June 7th, 2014


I was just the girl next door. So I tried several of the online dating sites without any success of finding that one True Love. Rod was just a quiet shy guy who decided to try due to living in a rural area with not any prospects of a soul mate. But our story is really a Christmas miracle.
One day my mom told me that she saw a commercial for and she thought I should give it a try. She said, "When you were little you always said you wanted to be a farmer's wife." So a few days later I decided to create a profile. There were a couple of profiles that interested me so I got a short membership to communicate with them. But on December 12, 2014 I got a message saying I have a message on from a guy I hadn't communicated with. I was surprised because I thought my subscription had expired. But I opened the message and responded giving my email address if he wished to talk more he could email me because I would soon not have a subscription.

On the other side Rod had received a message I don't remember sending him. Never opening it he
deleted it. The next time he checked his messages there it was again and he deleted it. So a third time finding the message he decided he really should reply. How does a deleted message keep returning to your messages? He paid for a month subscription and sent me a message. All the while I was stressing out because I was in the middle of finals in nursing school. This was not the time to meet someone. But it was our Christmas miracle. No way possible we should have met but God had a plan in all of this.

I thought to myself it's okay if he's just another friend. We talked for a month back and forth through emails because we both were to shy to talk on the phone. Finally the weather was nice enough for us to meet in January. So we met in Salem and had our first date at Pizza Hut then we set on Walmart parking lot people watching. A thing my grandfather always loved to do. We both were so quiet and nervous I wasn't sure what would happen next.

We spent two weeks apart due to weather and after that we went to see each other every weekend because we couldn't stand not seeing each other at least once a week. Rod was the first guy I ever brought home. We knew each other was that one true love of a lifetime. It took me a little longer to get there because I was afraid of getting hurt. But love conquers all fears.

On June 7, 2014 we were married. We live very happily on our cattle farm in southern Missouri. We love our life and our life has been full of blessings. This year we are spending our first holidays together in our home making memories and traditions of our own.

Nate & Morgan

Nate & Morgan

From: Wisconsin

Married on: September 8th, 2012

Morgan and Nate are one of's featured couples. The couple met on in May of 2010 and lived 3.5 hours away until they married on September 8th, 2012. Morgan grew up on a family farm in NE Iowa and always dreamed of becoming a farmer's wife. She felt that was a good place to start any kind of online dating and as fate would have it she found Nate. The couple messaged back and forth on the site for a few weeks before finally meeting face to face. The rest is history. They now live happily ever after on Nate's family dairy farm in which the couple now runs together.

"I knew I wanted to marry a farmer and live that wholesome lifestyle.” ~Morgan

Several publications have featured Nate and Morgan's story. Their article in the Progressive Dairyman came in #13 on the top 25 articles of 2014! In February 2014 the couple was also featured on a segment of CBS This Morning, which is also set to re-air on Christmas Day 2014.

This couple has been featured in:

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

FarmersOnly's First Testimonial Commercial: Jason & Cindy

We are excited to introduce our very first TV testimonial couple: 
Jason and Cindy
Married September 27, 2014

 Jason and Cindy met on in June of 2013. Jason lived in Arizona at the time and  made the move over 400 miles away to be with Cindy in Bakersfield, Ca. The couple was engaged at Harris Ranch in California on October 26th 2013. The following year the couple was married at Pismo Beach, Ca on September 27, 2014. The couple announced in their wedding toast that they met each other on

"We are a match made in heaven. People ask me all the time what site we met on because we give true love a whole new meaning! We give people hope everyday. Life is amazing all because of" -Cindy

Jason and Cindy were approached in October 2014 by to film our very first testimonial commercial. If you haven't seen it yet check it out below:

You can read more on the happy couple here: Jason & Cindy

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Jason & Cindy

Jason & Cindy

 From: Bakersfield, Ca

Married: September 27th, 2014


We met while I was in California and he was Arizona. I knew after the first week! We spent a few months traveling to see each other back and forth. He moved to Ca for me and we got engaged Oct. 26th at Harris Ranch Ca. We are a match made in heaven. Farmersonly was announced at our wedding toast! People ask me all the time what site we met on because we give true love a whole new meaning! We give people hope everyday! We have been married almost a month on Monday and its us, our 3 happy children, dogs and the horses. Life is amazing because of you. We just want to say thanks! ❤️

 Jason & Cindy have been featured on's first testimonial commercial. You can watch it here:

Click here to watch:


Friday, December 12, 2014

Tom & Deanna

 Tom & Deanna

From: Missouri 


My name is Deanna and I met Tom on at the end of April, 2013 and we couldn't be happier. I found him to be pretty far away (145 miles) but he had so many things in common with me that I felt I needed to contact him. So that is what I did. I sent him an email stating that I was aware of the distance between us but I thought since we both had so much in common it was worth going out on a limb. We sent a couple of emails back and forth to test the waters. We then decided to meet and go for a hike at Dogwood Canyon. We walked and talked. He was so easy to talk to. I felt like we knew each other already. We laughed and talked for about 4 hours on our first date. We went on about 4 dates before we ever kissed. He was such a gentleman. Now we camp even through the winter. We have yet to fight. It was so nice to meet Tom through because I had used other sites and found a few crazy folks and a few folks who really weren't themselves (if you know what I mean). Thank you for making it an affordable way to meet. We both found what we were looking for on I attached  a few pics of us doing some of the things we do on a regular basis. Enjoy! Deanna and Tom

Scott & Jill

Scott & Jill

From: Northern California 


Scott & I did met on FarmersOnly, I'm the luckiest girl in the world! I tell him that daily. I have to say I am surprised I found my Love on your site because I was done meeting people online, then my girlfriend suggested your site because I farm for a living & I live on a ranch. I love the lifestyle, so I decided I would check out your site. Scott and I met on your site, chatted a bit, then decided we were interested in getting to know each, we wanted to meet so we went on a date, btw ..he was late, he will tell you I was late but not We met had a blast danced the night away to great country music, we held hands. hugged & kissed in the moon lite and we have been together 8 month now & are planning our future together. We have big plans farming & ranching and growing our herd of cattle, I love to fish & he loves to hunt, we do
compliment each other in many ways, Our fairy tale is far from over, actually its just beginning thanks to Farmers Only!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I found the love of my life on FarmersOnly. We lived 3 hrs apart but after we started communicating on FarmersOnly, it led to a first date and the rest is history. We are so compatible and so much in love. We are engaged now and plan to marry in early spring. Thank you! -Tammy & Jerry

My 69-year-old dad lives in rural Oklahoma and has been divorced from my mother for over 30 years. In late 2013, I saw a commercial for FarmersOnly at home in Austin, TX, and told my dad about it.

Unbeknownst to me, he created a FarmersOnly account and after a couple months, he met a lovely woman with her own farm just 10 miles away!

I haven't seen him this happy in years! He never thought he'd find a woman who liked to get her hands dirty on the farm and had a similar sense of humor, especially at his age, and here he's found one clearly cut from the same cloth.

He proposed after Thanksgiving and they plan to have a small, intimate wedding in the coming months!

Thought I'd share this lovely story of genuine connection.



Thursday, December 4, 2014

I want to say thank you to FarmersOnly, I have found the right one, we both were looking for that special someone, and found each other right here. I will be moving to join him, he is outstanding in every way. I never thought a guy like him would come into my life. I feel very blessed, and I thank for being here. We have so much in common. I have never been more happy. Thank you. -Rose

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Paul & Katherine

Paul & Katherine

From: North Dakota & Winnipeg, MB

Married on: October 11th, 2014

Once upon a time, in the land of Landmark there lived a girl (Katherine) who's dream was to become a wife and mother.

As the years passed it was harder & harder to think those dreams would come true. Shortly after turning 30 in May of 2013 she went to visit her good friend Jeana. Wanting to have some girly time, they headed off  to get there nails done and do a bit of shopping. After painting the town red, they headed off to the family farm where they found Jeana's 2 lil boys and 3 nephews having fun. Jeana, knowing Katherine wanted to see the farm loaded up the 5 lil boys on the Gator and started cruising around the property. Driving down the dirt road (not knowing that only a few miles down the road was Paul) with the boys giggles & the wind in our hair, we realized that this was really the life. Our hearts were happy & content. There in that happy moment, Katherine told Jeana that she wanted to post an ad as a mail order bride in a Farmers Magazine. We had a good laugh, and than Jeana proceeded to inform her of

As soon as Katherine got back to the house, she logged on to FO. With the assistants of Jeana's 5yr old son, started looking thru profiles. Months later still searching and waiting she came across a profile that she had seen many times before, but had yet to actually view the whole profile. Feeling silly she clicked on that profile. PWB1976 (Paul) was waiting for his dream lady.Katherine enjoyed reading his profile, had a few good laughs and thoughts. After reading clicked out of his profile and hoped against hope that he would write her, as it was her rule that the man needed to make the first move.

Just a few hours later she received an email, He had written her!! With a flutter in her belly she logged on to see what he said. He called her a Pretty Lady! With excitement she wrote him back, not knowing what the future was going to hold.

Emailing each other daily they started getting to know each other. Both learning that they had had miracles in there lives they wanted to share there stories with each other. Katherine had yet to share her's when Paul asked if he could phone her instead of chatting online. Being extremely tired & a lil sick (ok, a lil nervous too) she asked to wait till the weekend. Saturday came along, he phoned her, and they talked for hours, enjoying each other's company. Not even realizing a timeline & getting along so well they soon agreed to meet each other. Paul started working on getting his passport as Katherine made plans to visit once again her friend Jeana, with the anticipation of meeting Paul. Minutes after arriving at Jeana's, Paul came to whisk Katherine away, taking her to his home where she met some of his family. In between meeting & getting to know his family he pulls out his biker ring to show her. Looking at that Katherine doesn't know his sneaky intentions of him pulling out the engagement ring he has had for the past 12 years. Looking up she see's him pulling this ring out of his pocket, screeching she tells him to put it away!! With a silly grin he doesn't listen and reaches for her hand. Giggling she plays hard to get and says he has to catch her hand. Enjoying this he quickly accomplishes the task of capturing her hand and placing a gorgeous antique ring on her finger. Fitting just right they hug, whispering in her ear, he ask's her if she would like to become Mrs. Pwoobedy (Pauls nickname given to him by his Nephew).

Distracting him, she doesn't give him a pat answer. Spending more time together she continues to fall in love. Monday, hours before leaving, she asks him to ask her again. Asking her 4 times, 4 different ways, she answers him 4 times, YES!

October 11, 2014 we were married!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Brady and I met on your site. It was an instant connection and 9 months later we are still together and planning our marriage. Brady has 2 boys and is 37 and I have 3 children and I'm 36. He is a diesel mechanic that is self employed and I'm a operating room nurse that loves my family and horses. Thank FarmersOnly for helping us find each other, we couldn't be happier!!!!
-Brady & Reinah

Monday, November 24, 2014

FarmersOnly Gift Guide for Single Men

Got that one lonely country guy on your Christmas list? We all know how hard it can be shopping for a man, so this year we came up with a few ideas to kick off the season of giving. Hopefully this gift guide will help check off a name or two on your shopping list.

So if you find yourself thinking, "what do I buy a lonely farmer for Christmas..." or "what is a great gift idea for a single man" remember FarmersOnly has you covered. From witty tees to gift memberships, we have all the basics. Shop:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Michael & Jessica

Michael & Jessica

From: California


We have a sweet love story to share.  I was a 35 year old single mom looking for love and I stumbled onto Michael's profile.  He seemed to be adventurous, fun, attractive and ambitious. We had a lot of similarities and I was actually the one who sent him the first flirt. He responded back to me immediately and after that we started texting and talking everyday on the phone. After two months of getting to know each other we had our first date. We met and kept things light hearted and playful with bowling and drinks. We were both pleasantly surprised to see that the pictures we had shared with each other were in fact an accurate likeness. After several months of long distance dating, I allowed him to meet my 11 year old daughter, and they hit it off amazingly.  He was kind and patient with her, and the first time they met, he taught her how to shoot a rifle. Throughout these past months we have had many adventures together. Camping trips, surfing, hiking, swim competitions, cheer-leading/football games, bike rides and more.  
     Although we have only been dating for 8 months, we feel as though we've been together forever.  We now live together as a family with my daughter and our 2 dogs. Michael is a massage therapist and I am a pediatric nurse. Our romance is blossoming and we continue to fall in love with each other more every day. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sowing seeds of romance can be hard row to hoe

Sowing seeds of romance can be hard row to hoe

Dating website helps farmers find partners who can deal with lifestyle

Midland Mirror
NORTH SIMCOE – Some dairy farmers in north Simcoe spend more time with their cows on a Saturday night than with a date., a new-to-Canada dating website for farmers, wants to change that.
Rob Widdes, 43, said he has been single most of his life. The Tay Township dairy farmer has a girlfriend now, but said it can be difficult finding someone compatible.
“In terms of meeting women who understand what I do, it’s tough in the Midland area. It’s a lot of town people around here,” he said. “The flexibility of getting away from the job is sometimes hard, but I accept it. I find that with a lot of farmers.”
Widdes manages about 85 milking cows and 200 animals overall, including calves, at Old Fort Farms with his dad and brother-in-law.
His mom and sister handle accounting for the farm, which has been a family business since the turn of the century, he said.
Widdes has been milking cows since age 19. He wakes at 5:15 a.m., heads to the barn to milk the cows, and goes for breakfast around 9:40 a.m.
Then he works until noon, and after lunch does tasks around the farm until 3:45 p.m., when he milks the cows again. He is usually finished at 6:30 p.m. He said he typically works 14 days straight and then takes a weekend off.
“It’s the cost of doing business. It’s better than no days off,” he said. “Some guys are investing in (robotic milking) equipment so it makes it easier and you can be social and go do stuff.”
Even then, Widdes added, young farmers can find it difficult to keep up a dating life.
“The modern-day guy wants to get off the farm and do things, (but) it’s not as if you can just take off and do whatever,” he said. “I don’t think any modern-day woman would put up with that. They’re not (all) stay-at-home moms.”
As for his own girlfriend, he said, “I didn’t meet her on a website, by the way.”
They play in the same baseball league.
U.S.-based FarmersOnly has recently expanded into Canada since its creation in 2005. So far, the website has received a “tremendous” amount of traffic from Canadians, said its creator, Jerry Miller.
Overall, more than 1.5 million people have signed up on the site, he said.
“I saw there was a need for people who live in the middle of nowhere who work 100 hours a week and already know everyone,” he said.
There may be thousands of people in the dating pool of a town or city, but there might not be anyone in some small, rural communities, he added.
“(The site) is a vehicle for people to meet someone who they might not have had a chance to meet,” said Miller. “They’re similar in likes and dislikes. It saves them a lot of time from going through thousands of profiles they might not relate to.”
Although many of the website’s members are farmers, it is also open to people who live in the country or who are lovers of nature and animals.
The site is open to all ages: “I was really shocked some 90-year-olds are on the site,” Miller said, adding FarmersOnly has seen “thousands” of success stories.
“There’s still a lot of lonely people out there and it would be really nice if they … met someone.”
Original article can be found here:

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Paul & Josette

Paul & Josette

From: Northern California



We fill our days up and don't have much time for anything else, except each other. Paul and I both agree that we have a great success story for your website. We spend more and more time together, ride our horses, ice skate, dog shows walks in the country, long slow mornings. and great dinners and nights. We have collected many humorous stories about our weekends and 'dates'. Thank you for enabling me to meet Paul, he makes me so incredibly happy, we both feel like we are kids again, but have much more fun. -Josette

PS, yours is the best website for country folk. I have included a couple of photos of Paul and me at some of the dress up outings we have attended.
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Friday, October 24, 2014

Clay & Meagan

Clay & Meagan

From: California


My boyfriend and I met on your website the end of January 2013. We started chatting online and by phone, and ended up meeting up shortly after. We made it official in March and have been together ever since. Thank you! :)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

"I am thrilled to let you know that I have met my life mate on farmers only. We met April 24th,2014. She is from New Brunswick and I am from Ontario which is over 1000 km apart. Regardless of the distance we quickly formed a loving relationship and were married on September 27th,2014. Thank-you Farmers Only. We would not have met without your dating site." -Murray and Andrea

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A FarmersOnly Poem: Mike & Lori

"Thank you so much! Without this website, we never would of found each other. We are Very happy, and VERY in love. We have searched our entire lives for each other and thanks to this website we found each other! We would like to share this poem I wrote to him:"