Friday, July 1, 2016

We met on your website and it was perfect!

Check out this story plus the links below from Jessa of Louisiana:

We met on your website and it was perfect! Our first in person date was July 4th 2015. He has two kids and now we are one happy family with his kids and my 2 dogs and horses!! I also have a video of the proposal at my rodeo if you want it! ( Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet each other! Please click to vote and then share!! This would mean soooo much to us! Let's make this go viral!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Larry & Janine's FarmersOnly Love Story

This success story just wouldn't be believable on any other website! :)

We just wanted to let FarmersOnly know that love can be found online thru FarmersOnly.  Janine & I met back in March of this year 2016, and have been going great guns ever since.  In fact we are planning a October Wedding down in Tombstone during Helldorado Days on the 22nd.  I'm a gunslinger there doing reenactments and having fun with the Tourist's, I proposed to Janine in May during Wyatt Earp Days in Tombstone, so why not get married at the same town, in which it's known of a town to tough to die, lol.  We are a perfect match in every way, beings we live the Western way of life and we are both Dancers.  In which we'll be teaching dance in the Payson, AZ area soon also. So thank you for your website for putting us together! - Larry D. & Janine N.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

I met my husband on your site

This just in from Paula of Bellevue, NE. Wonderful news!

I was just writing to say thank you it will be a year ago that I met my husband on your site. I wasn't sure if you need couple for success stories or not but we are a good one thank you farmers only! Paula.

Friday, June 17, 2016

When my friends poke fun of it, I'll just smile knowing I have what they're looking for.

This just in from Alicia W. of Clifton, TX. Congrats!

I went into your site almost 3 years ago more as joke than looking for "the one". I lived in texas and one day after logging on I saw a guy had "viewed" my profile. I believe I specifically told my coworker he was "pretty" but lived in Colorado. After a few days of us viewing each other back and forth he messaged me! He explained how he thought it was odd that i had shown up in his suggeated matches because he had set his distance to only women within 100 miles of himself. Must have been our good lord working his magic. We quickly exchanged phone numbers and within 2 weeks of talking to each other I made the 16 hour drive to Colorado to meet him on the weekend before Halloween. We had a wonderful weekend together and in typical cowboy fashion after a day at a "punkin chunkin" and tractor pull we made our way to a bar where his grandmother worked as the bartender. (Coolest lady I've known) Her and I instantly hit it off while he played pool. A little slow dancing and we went back to where we were staying for the weekend. The next morning we woke up early and polished our weekend off with a day spent on the mountain looking for 2 pairs they had missed the weekend before. I left the next morning and expected it to not go much of anywhere. The distance was just too great. He moved in with me on November 1, 2013. We had a very fast courtship and had a lot of fun together being a young new couple. On February 7th 2014 we said our vows in front of a few close friends and family in a court house in texas and exactly 2 weeks later found out we were expecting our first child. In september 2014 we welcomed our son and in september 2016 we will celebrate the birth of our second child, a daughter, and shortly after in Feb 2017 we will celebrate 3 years of marriage. He may drive me crazy some days, but I'll forever be thankful when I hear that funny jingle on the TV. And when my friends poke fun of it ill just smile knowing i have what theyre looking for. Because without it, I would have never met my soulmate.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Found what I was looking for!

I looked in town and on other dating sites and could not find any guys with the same interests, morals and goals until I came across Farmers Only. I found the love of my life living less than 20 minutes away and am happier than I ever thought possible. The only drawback to the site is that there aren't many users in town. But it worked out!

-Carlsbad, NM

Monday, June 13, 2016

We're getting married

I met my now fiancé on Farmers in February 2015, turns out we worked less than a mile from each other. Long story short we are getting married in April of 2017. I never believed in "soul mates" but I owe it all to Farmers because I have found my soul mate and I never would have without the help from FarmersOnly.

Centreville, VA

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

City girl goes country and is now engaged, thanks to FarmersOnly!

We received this email today from a FarmersOnly user who is now engaged:

I was born and raised a city girl but always had a love for all things country. After I split up with my ex-husband I decided to take the leap and see if I could find my country guy. I wasn't in a position to meet that guy through friends or work or hobbies so I got on FO and began a relationship with a then single dairy farmer who was raised on a dairy farm, worked a 9-5 job and quit it to go back to farming because it was his passion. Most of our first dates consisted of me helping him milk cows and I absolutely fell in love with the country life and my farmer. A little over a year later my kids and I moved in with him, we are happily engaged and beginning out adventure in dairy goats and could not be happier all thanks to FarmersOnly for giving us the opportunity to find each other.

-- Quinn from WI.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

1 year wedding anniversary of a FarmersOnly success story!

This just in from a happily married FO couple:

Dear FarmersOnly,

About 2 years ago when I contacted to cancel my membership because I had met a wonderful woman on Farmersonly, I was asked if we would tell our story. It seemed premature at that point so we suggested later would be more appropriate. Karen and I were married May 17, 2015 exactly one year after our first date. Our first wedding anniversary is coming up and we would be glad to share our story now if you are interested.

Mark & Karen R. (May 4, 2016)

Best thing I did was signing up for Farmers Only

Hi my name is Chad. I met my fiancée on Farmers Only. We are getting married this year. Also my dad met my 2nd step mother on FarmersOnly only after he lost his second wife to cancer. Thank you.

Central Indiana

Friday, April 29, 2016

We ended up being a perfect match!

This just in via our success story hotline...
Dear FarmersOnly,
I wanted to share a success story with you, but I could not see a place to submit one online. Both Jim and I created a profile on FarmersOnly in fall of 2014. We met in December 2014 and this January 2016 we got engaged. The wedding date is set for August 4, 2017. I wanted to let you know that it would have been impossible for the two of us, from such different backgrounds, to have met if not for FarmersOnly. We are so different in so many ways, yet we ended up being a perfect match. I will also add that Jim was the first man I dated from your website, and everything was perfect from the start. He said the same thing about me basically: that he saw me and knew I was the one. Thanks for bringing us together.
Ashley O.
April 28, 2016

Thursday, April 28, 2016

New FO commercial: Let's go mudding!

I met my husband on

This just in from a former member. Email dated 4/28/16!

Hello! I met my husband on a couple years ago!! We are very happy thank you so much!! I love him dearly and can't imagine my life with out him. Thank you again, Tarynn

New FarmersOnly commercial: Helping Hand

For those of you ladies who have told us our commercials are focusing too much
on country boys and not enough on country gals: 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Met my match

I met the man I've always wanted! I wouldn't have him if it weren't for FarmersOnly!

-Kelsie Jo
Rexburg, Idaho

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I met my farming country boy, and best friend

In March of 2014, I met Brett on Farmers Only. From our first date, I knew he was someone special. We have dated, gotten engaged and in 2 weeks on April 30, he and I will be married. I lived in South Carolina and he lived 3 hours away in North Carolina but through your app and later phone calls, we got to know each other and became friends. Friendship led to more and now I can't imagine my life without him. Thank you for helping me find my farmer and the love of my life.

Connelly Springs, NC

Branding proposal

Last weekend my boyfriend proposed to me when we were branding. I was wrestling the calf down to brand, and everyone told me to look at the tag on the calf. I haven't checked any other tags, so was unsure why I had to check this one. Well, when I did the tag said, “Will you marry me?”, and as I looked up there he was holding the ring on his knee! By far he surprised me.

Thank you for uniting this country girl with her cowboy!


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Successful online dating story

My boyfriend of three years and I met on Farmersonly and have had an amazing relationship. We lived in two different states but have since moved in together and couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend giving it a try! Best of luck, love birds!

Denver, CO

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Success story

This is a fairytale success story due to the site of As her mother, I would like to share this lovely encounter my daughter experienced to change her life forever. She is 33 years old, single and never been married. Back in October 2014, after a recent breakup after a long relationship, she was very unhappy in the way her life was heading. I happened to be watching television one night and saw your advertising for, and it struck me right then that she must register with your site, because she's a country girl, who was raised on a farm, and loves the country life, and all the activities associated with this lifestyle. I quickly informed her she needed to register, and she was skeptical at first, but then signed up that day. No sooner that she did, she got a response from a young fellow from the Sarnia area. These two people are so compatible together, in every aspect.

They would have never met if it wasn't for Now they are engaged and getting married on August 21, 2016. As a mother, I'm so happy for them, and I have to thank you for, since this would have never been possible. A dream come true!

Essex, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Thanks to, I met my soul mate. Without this site and God, our paths would have never crossed. Thank you for a great site! I have made new friends as well.

Troup, TX

Having been a skeptic, and getting great results

I have referred a couple people to, including my mother. I only signed up as a dare, not really expecting anything. After an abusive marriage and bad relationships that didn't last, and as a single mom of teenagers, I really doubted there was anyone real out there. If you are real (don't be someone you're not), and true of who you are, it works. I met the love of my life after being on the site for two weeks. He was the first person I had messaged first, and I actually only messaged to thank him for being a police officer, and it went from there. We began messaging, and after 24 hours decided to exchange phone numbers. We talked and Face timed for hours, everyday, and still do (because weren't living in the same state, until this summer). My kids, who's opinion means the most, love him, and he loves them. He proposed on December 31, 2015, and our wedding is September, 2016. We couldn't be happier or more in love, and never would have met if not on I would recommend, and wish for other's to find success in love, as I have. It's a great feeling.